2019 Goombungee All Round Championship Rodeo Results

2019 Rodeo
2019 Rodeo

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2019 Rodeo
2019 Rodeo

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2019 Rodeo Results

Bull Ride                                                                              Steer Wrestling

                                                                                               1st Jordan O'Neill         6.447 s                              Barrel Race

No Scores                                                                             2nd Glen Lefoe             6.795 s                              1st Kate Patch                  13.782 s

                                                                                               3rd Troy Palmer            7.367 s                              2nd Chantel Huddy         13.830 s

                                                                                               4th Marcus Jones         7.847 s                              3rd Montanna Harth       14.243 s

Saddle Ride                                                                                                                                                           4th Brooke Read               14.254 s

1st Dave Mawhinney 140 pts                                            Team Roping

2nd Kielan Cox           136 pts                                             1st Clay Gall                                                            Junior Barrel Race

3rd Paul Creighton      72 pts                                                     Jay Green             8.093 s                               1st Cassidy Howard         13.237 s

4th Jack Capewell        68 pts                                              2nd Clay Gall                                                          2nd Emi Carlson               13.338 s

                                                                                                        Dave Fullerton       8.851 s                            3rd Nikki Burraston         13.659 s

Bareback Ride                                                                     3rd  Brad Cavanough                                            4th Quixote Ramsay        13.717 s  

1st Tyson Croucher     137 pts                                                    Darren Milburn    9.069 s                                 

2nd Ben Walsh             130 pts                                           4th Graham Clarke                                            Junior Breakaway Roping

                                                                                                       Brett Moore            11.011 s                       1st Jordan O'Toole            2.969 s

 Junior Bull Ride                                                                                                                                                2nd Kate Jackson              3.356 s

1st Zac McCarthy    75 pts                                                   Steer Undecorating                                         3rd Louise Hourigan        3.830 s    

2nd Nash Jones      71 pts                                                    1st  Megan O'Neill        2.282 s                         4th April Foxlee                 4.194 s

3rd Alex Druery       67pts                                                    2nd Denae Hart            2.473 s                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           3rd Tracey  Porter        2.509 s                    

Rope & Tie                                                                             4th Christine Bushell   2.512 s

1st  Thomas Whitwell   9.212 s                                                                                               

2nd Mitch Eastwell     13.676 s                                            Breakaway Roping                              

3rd Jack Byrnes          16.420 s                                             1st Ashleigh Augustin  2.083 s                      

                                                                                                  2nd Nicole Cavanagh   2.127 s

                                                                                                  3rd Mahala Doolin       2.223 s

                                                                                                  4th Tahnee Small         3.439 s